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ICC Power > 10 m

ICC Power > 10 m

ICC Power Boat License for Powerboat Under 10 Metres Including Jetskis/PWC's.

Discover the thrill of navigating the open waters with our ICC Powerboat Course for vessels less than 10 meters. Whether you're an aspiring skipper or a seasoned boater, this comprehensive program will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to confidently captain powerboats.

Curso de 2 dias

Válido para cualquier embarcación a motor de menos de 10 metros.

The course includes:

Course Highlights:

In-Depth Theory:
Dive into the essential theory, covering topics like navigation, safety regulations, and maritime rules.

Practical Training:
Get hands-on experience in boat handling, maneuvering, docking, and more, guided by experienced instructors.

Safety First:
Learn how to prioritize safety on board, including handling emergencies and understanding weather conditions.

Vessel Operation:
Master the controls and operation of powerboats, ensuring you can navigate with ease.

ICC Certification:
Upon successful completion, you'll earn the International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

Intensive 2 day course
Includes Final Assessment
Includes Online Theory
Includes insurance

ICC Precios

ICC Power < 10m


2 day course

Includes Theory Prep

Final Assessment

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* Includes VAT and Insurance

ICC Sail < 24 m Week End


Course over 2 week ends

40 hours of practical training


Final Assessment

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* Includes VAT and Insruance

ICC Sail < 24m Adventure


Intensive 7 day course

250 miles of navigation


Final Assessment

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ICC Power < 10m

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