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Your nautical school in Barcelonax

We are your RYA Centre located in the Olympic Port of Barcelona.

Our students have access to both in-person and online study plans with great flexibility in practice schedules. Come and meet us!

Why study at Neptuno?

Neptuno is an official RYA Training Centre located in the heart of Barcelona. We offer nautical training since 1968 and we are ISO 9001 certified.

Available courses

Training for you


Sailing Trips



RYA Courses

Find your course and start browsing. Within our courses you will learn in a fun way and once finished, you will be fully trained both in water and on land. You will learn from the basic knowledge of navigation, to the most complex techniques.

Sailing Trips

The Sailing Club Neptuno offers sailing trips square by square.
Choose from one of our trips, improve your navigation skills and enjoy unforgettable moments at sea. Enjoy an unforgettable sailing holiday and improve your sailing skills.

The square-by-square sailing trip option is the best way to share experiences with sailing lovers.

NEPTUNO Sailing Club

Do you know the advantages of being a member of NEPTUNO's nautical club?

Being part of a big family. All courses are taught in company.
You'll gain exclusive discounts, courses with collaborators, and more benefits.
Through the app, you can manage your events, courses, or exams.
Book your monthly outings for the dates you prefer.

Neptuno Nautical School

At Neptuno Nautical School we have trained more than 30,000 skippers, of which more than 90% of the applicants have passed in the first call thanks to the continuous evolution of our training system.


Port Olimpic de Barcelona, Moll de la Marina, 3, 08005 Barcelona




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These are the reviews from those who have sailed with us.

We grow together, sharing our passion for the sea, our experiences, and the fun on and off the water. Share your opinion with us

Juan Enrique .
7 months ago - PER Habilitación Baleares 24 horas
1 year ago - PER Habilitación Baleares 24 horas
1 year ago - PER Habilitación Baleares 24 horas

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