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Top 10 Sailing Apps Recommended By Experts

Sailing can be challenging as many aspects are unknown. Fortunately, there are several sailing apps available that can help sailors to navigate and make...
Published on March 1, 2023
Curso Gennaker

10 sailing app by experts

Sailing can be challenging as many aspects are unknown. Fortunately, there are several sailing apps available that can help sailors to navigate and make their journey safer and more enjoyable. Based on suggestions from experts, we list the 10 most important apps for sailors:

Anchor Alarm

This anchor watch- app is designed to alert sailors when their boat drifts away from a designated anchor point. Anchor Alarm uses GPS to monitor the boat's location. If the boat is too far from the anchor point, an alarm notifies the sailor.


Donia is a weather app that provides real-time information on wind speed, direction, and weather conditions. The app also offers tide and current information, which gives sailors a deeper understanding of the conditions in unfamiliar waters.

Vessel Radar

Vessel Radar is an app that provides real-time vessel tracking using AIS (Automatic Identification System) technology. The app allows sailors to see other boats in the vicinity and avoid collisions.

Boat Beacon

Boat Beacon is just like Vessel Radar a navigation app that allows sailors to see the position of other boats in the area. Both apps help by spotting upcoming vessels and avoiding collisions. However, this app uses AIS technology instead of a radar signal.


Navily is an app that provides information on marinas and anchorages around the world. The app allows sailors to search for the best places to dock their boats.

One of the unique features of Navily is its user-generated content. The app allows sailors to share their experiences and provide reviews of marinas and anchorages they have visited. This information is then available to other sailors who may be planning a similar journey, providing valuable insights and recommendations.

Navily also offers an interactive map that allows sailors to search for marinas and anchorages based on their location. The map includes detailed information on each location, including photos, reviews, and pricing information. Each anchor location also gets a overall score. This score is determined based on real-time data like wind directions, coverage and other factors.

The app also offers a booking system that allows sailors to reserve a berth at a marina or anchorage in advance. This feature can be particularly useful during peak sailing season when popular destinations can quickly become crowded.

harbor Barcelona


Windy is a popular weather app that provides real-time weather updates and forecasts for locations all around the world. The app is known for its accurate and reliable weather data. The data is provided by a network of over 40,000 cooperating weather stations and other sources.

The app also provides a range of weather information, including current temperature, wind speed and direction and more. Users can view weather data in various formats, including maps, graphs, and charts.

Windy has also advanced weather visualization tools, which allow users to view weather data in real-time and in 3D. This can be especially useful for pilots, sailors who need to make quick decisions based on weather conditions.

Lastly, Windy can give you a detailed forecast for the next 10 days, has the ability to save and track locations and helps you to share weather information with others easily.


Navionics is a popular mobile app designed for boaters and fishing enthusiasts. The app provides detailed marine charts and maps for navigating and fishing in both inland and coastal waters around the world.

The Navionics app features highly accurate and up-to-date charts based on data from official hydrographic offices, private surveys, and user-contributed data. The charts include depth contours, navigational aids, port plans, and other important information to help boaters navigate safely and efficiently.

One of the key features of the Navionics app is its ability to create personalized maps based on user-generated data. Users can record and share their own tracks, mark waypoints, notes to the charts.

Another useful feature of the Navionics app is its ability to provide real-time weather and tide information. Users can access real-time information on wind speed, direction, temperature and tide levels to help them plan their trip.

Boat Watch

Boat Watch is a popular mobile app that allows sailors to track the movement and location of vessels in real-time. The app uses advanced satellite technology and GPS data to provide users with accurate information about boats and other vessels.

It can track vessels in real-time, allowing users to monitor the movement of boats all around the world. This can be especially useful for boaters who want to avoid crowded areas or dangerous weather conditions. The app also provides alerts when boats enter or leave a designated area.

Boat Watch also provides users with detailed information about each vessel, including its name, type, size, and destination. This information is especially useful for mariners and boaters who need to communicate with other vessels or authorities while on the water. This app is also very user-friendly. Based on a photo you take, the app can give you a detailed profile of the boat in front of you.

Knots 3D

Knots 3D is an app that provides instructions on how to tie various knots used in sailing. This app is widely used by sailors, fishermen, girl and boy scouts and even climbers. The app includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations to help sailors master the necessary skills. It even provides you with info about the usage, strengths, risks and history of each knot.

Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2 is an app that provides night sky maps with information on stars, constellations, and planets. The app is mainly useful for sailors who are navigating at night. This app can help them with finding their bearings based on celestial navigation. By directing your phone to the sky, you get a visual overview of the stars, planets around you.

You can find and download all 10 apps in the App Store.

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