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Do a RYA Day Skipper Course and Become Your Own Skipper!

Do you want to take your family and friends on an unforgettable holidays at sea and be your own skipper? Then the RYA Day Skipper course is the best training...
Published on March 6, 2023

Do you want to take your family and friends on an unforgettable holidays at sea and be your own skipper? Then the RYA Day Skipper course is the best training course for you! This course will give you the tools to feel more comfortable about the knowledge you already have while also improve your boat handling and anchor manoeuver skills.

RYA day skipper course

The Day Skipper practical courses are specifically organized for those who already have sailing experience but want to boost their skills and knowledge. After this set of courses, you'll be fully able to safely skipper a yacht confidently on your next sailing holiday.

The Day Skipper course provides a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training. This intense rya course learns you all about pilotage, boat handling, navigation, seamanship and safety measures. The course will also cover subjects like deck work, victualling, night cruising and yacht handling under power.

You will also learn how to plan and execute a safe passage in heavier weather conditions and how to act and communicate during emergency situations and other common sailing scenarios.

The rya sail course can be fully completed in 5 days (2 weekends). The minimum age to participate in this sailing course is 16 years old.

To start the course, it is crucial that you already have a base of theoretical knowledge and some sailing experience beforehand. You can learn the theoretical knowledge during physical courses, but the material is also online available.

Besides the theoretical and practical enrichment, this course is a unique opportunity to learn from the best and meet new sailors. During the sailing courses, you'll have some meals on board to enjoy the beautiful coastal waters at anchorage.

After the Day Skipper course, you will receive an RYA certificate, which is recognized internationally as a standard for yachting competence. This certificate allows individuals to charter and skipper a small yacht in many locations around the world. This rya training license has no milage limitation. However, it is suggested to stay in familiar coastal waters.

Barcelona is an ideal location for this course. The coastline of Barcelona is beautiful, with crystal-clear waters, hidden coves, and small fishing villages. Sites and garraf are within our sailing area.

You'll have the chance to see some amazing sights while you are sailing. Barcelona also benefits from 300 sunny days all year around. So, there is a very low change that you'll be freezing during the practical training courses.

When you're not sailing, there's plenty to do in Barcelona. The city is famous for its culture and history, and there are many museums and galleries to explore. You'll have plenty of free time to discover everything this amazing city has to offer.

Explore the Spanish gastronomy and try some of the delicious tapas and paella restaurants after a long day of sailing. Have a drink at the terrace of the Royal maritime yacht club and watch the sun set over the city. Afterwards, you can reserve a table at la Pepita, a cosy restaurant known for its outstanding traditional tapas.

Barcelona at sunset

At the end of the course, you'll return to shore with a new and improved skillset and even more sailing expertise. The Skipper Day Course is also a great way to prepare yourself for more advanced sailing courses and certifications.

Do you already have a license to charter boats, but are you looking to start working on a yacht? Discover the rya Yachtmaster Courses and become a professional!

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